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Melissa Crabtree: Blog

Interview Questions for Taos News Ariana Kramer interviewing Melissa Crabtree
1) What, if anything, would you like to share (with the general public) about your personal experience with Lyme's disease?
First of all, like many people who have the disease, I didn't know I had it for a very long time. The degradation of my health was disconcerting enough, but not knowing what was wrong with me, and the negative effects on my life, and the self-loathing from lack of a diagnosis were particularly damaging. There are years of my life that I have lost due to the lack of insight on my part, and on the part of the many healers and medical professionals I appealed to over the years. I'm not blaming anyone. We've collectively been very slow on the uptake as to how prevalent and devastating this disease is! There's been an incredible amount of loss in my life. It's tough to accept that sometimes, on top of all the Lyme symptoms...
Four years ago, I was referred to a neurologist because [...]
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